Thursday, September 24, 2009

40,000 Views & PDN Online Write-Up

PDN OnLine & Write-Up
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I'm happy to announce that after 8 days on YouTube the "Behind the Scenes" video for "SINNERS" by Hypernova is just about to break 40,000 views.

I've enjoyed reading all of your comments and appreciate the feedback.

Generally speaking, my main motivations for choosing these tools were my familiarity with Profoto lighting and Canon equipment. Also, the availability of electrical power on location (although we did blow a few circuit breakers on the day of the shoot when all 10 packs were firing), budget, and the ability to control the light sources using the Profoto light modifiers played a major factor in my creative workflow.

Budget... oh yeah! I do realize that 10 Pro 8A Air packs with 20 heads combined with all the goodies would not be cheap to rent, but neither is a grip truck with experienced grips and generators. We saved valuable time using the strobe lighting because it's easier to manipulate and maneuver. Therefore, we were able to execute multiple scenes within the short shooting schedule. Not to mention we had more than 20,000 watts of lighting at our disposal.

Incorporating the cinematic look and fluidity of the steadicam (provided by Michael Fuchs in the Hypernova video) occurred to me after I worked as a steadicam operator in Hawaii on the Vincent LaForet "Jamie O'Brien Experience" shoot back in January using the 5D Mark II.

However, as opposed to contributing to the popular 5D video movement, I wanted to combine the stop-motion feel of animation created by the still camera with flash photography. I also recognized this was the opportunity to create something new with a specific set of tools that were at my disposal.

I've always believed that we never create in a vacuum. We are influenced by a multitude of experiences and stimuli. I saw this project as an opportunity focus my creativity using my skills as a still photographer, steadicam operator, and day dreamer into one clip.

Thanks once again to all those who helped on this project. It was a great collaborative experience.

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