Monday, September 14, 2009

"SINNERS" Music Video by Hypernova Premieres on

It's about 1:30 AM EST here in Miami, FL and I psyched to see my music video "Sinners" by Hypernova, debut on 30 minutes ago.

I personally love the description / disclaimer for the video on, "The music video is very intense, and deals with themes of religious intolerance and torture. And while the ten-FPS strobed technique marries perfectly with the subject matter, you cubicle slaves might want to turn the sound down a little and/or wait till the office killjoy hits the coffee machine." - David Hobby

I produced, directed, and DPed this video and it's really great to finally see it completed and released. A special thank you goes out to Cliff Hausner & Ab Sesay of Profoto. Finally, an enormous thank you goes out to everyone involved: the band, the crew, and sponsors. I truly appreciate everyones hard work and time on this project and you all have been incredibly supportive.


norsk said...

great work, congratulations!

Adam Royer said...

Amazing! Great work Richard. Congratulations.