Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Miami Documentary Premiere

Well, it's not everyday that you shutdown your computer after the workday to attend a movie premiere. It gets even better when you're attending the screening for your own film, and in a few hours "Hecho a Mano" will hit the big screen here in Miami at the Miami Short Film Festival.

Produced by Common Machine Production, this is my first full credit as Director of Photography. Creating this film was a labor of love for everyone involved and I believe it shows in the final piece. I want to congratulate the incredible team of talented folks who made this film what it is:

Producers: Brett O'Bourke and Gaspar González
Director: Brett O'Bourke
Writer: Gaspar González
Editor: Christina Burchard
Assoc. Producer: Christine Sylvain

"Hecho a Mano" will be shown nationally on WLRN in February 2011.

Finally, we've earned a bit of street credit by receiving Best Florida Documentary at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival last month.