Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nautica South Beach Triathlon, Miami Beach, FL

The day started off at 4:30 am as I made my way towards 2000 + incredibly fit athletes milling about their Treks and Cannondales. Power Bar wrappers covered the ground and a hint of icy hot permeated through the air. After a quick introduction and the Pledge of Allegiance we marched five blocks on the sand to the sight of an amazing Sunday morning sunrise and the start of the Nautica South Beach Triathlon. I love being challenged at these particular sporting events which require you to capture the thrill of the competition while showcasing the overall ambience of the cities who play host to them.

This shot above was one of the first frames I made at the competition, which features pro-level athletes storming the Atlantic in the first leg of the triathlon. In order to be mobile, but still provide this unique perspective, I boomed my Canon 1Ds Mark II 10 feet above my head utilizing a Manfrotto monopod. In order to trigger the camera I called upon the Pocket Wizard receiver / transmitter in combination with the PocketWizard CM-N3 Motor Cord. I metered for the sunrise, prefocused the camera, and put the lens to manual focus.

In the run that followed towards the water, I barely even realized that I had chased the triathletes well beyond the shoreline and ended up about waist deep in the ocean... A few more steps and it would have been a call to Canon.

The client was extremely happy with the overall take and I look forward to next year's race.

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