Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vintage Mavens - Video Look Book #2

Vintage Mavens - Video Look Book from Richard Patterson on Vimeo.

Collaborations are in my opinion some of the best opportunities to create without the fear of failure, restrictions of a client, or the tensions associated with deadlines. On a recent Sunday afternoon, Jorge Rubiera and I, got together on Miami Beach to create the second installment to the Vintage Mavens online clothing line campaign created by Shareen Sarwar.

We used the 7D and a Bartech wireless focus control on a glidecam for this shoot, and the ISO ranged from 400 - 12,000. Luckily the moon was full that evening which created a beautiful backlight on the water. We used a regular flash light for the fill / gag lighting once the sun went down and the layering effect helped with the digital noise produced from the high ISO.


Production: Swamp Valve Pictures
Director: Jorge Rubiera
Stylist: Shareen Sarwar
Director of Photography: Richard Patterson
Editor: J Rubiera
Music Composed and Performed by: Edward Adames
Hair and Makeup: Sheenon Olson
Assistant Stylist: Kathleen Vargas


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