Friday, March 19, 2010

Up We Go into the Wild Blue Yonder!

On March 9th and 10th Common Machine Production had the opportunity to document 300 Women Aviator Service Pilots (WASP) receive the Congressional Gold Metal at the Capital building in Washington, DC. I ran the cameras, Brett O'Bourke produced, and Jorge Rubiera edited the piece for AirTran Airways who provided an enormous amount of support to the WASP. We had an incredible time and it was really nice to tour DC the night before the ceremony with my trusty M6 and some old TriX 400... love it.

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Raja Panda said...

Hi Richard,

I am contacting you with reference to the a mail I have received from Miami Herald in response to my request for a photograph from their archives.

The photograph in discussion was taken by you and had appeared on 16th March 2002 in the Miami herald paper in the 'Living and Arts' section.

The female dancer appearing in the photograph is Miss Sweta Mishra and presently my wife. Currently she has, only a very old paper cutting of the picture. I would love to give her a good large size print of the picture as our 3rd Marriage Anniversary gift.

Request you to be kind enough to share the photograph with me. Will be very obliged for the same.

I tried searching for the pic on your site photoshelter but couldn't find it.

Thanks & Regards
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