Wednesday, December 31, 2008

10 Day Mark, Halfway there and we not turning back... Hawaii Shoot

The halfway mark in anything I do is loaded with a range of emotions depending on the project.  Often it's a time to take account of what I've accomplished and definitely see where my short comings fall, tally-up my success stories, and analysis how I can improve on both.  My latest project here in Hawaii is no different.  The weather, logistics and technical aspects of the job have drained an incredible amount of time from our small, but very talented crew, and definitely stretched our resources, but everyone is staying very focused on making this shoot succeed.  
The center of our piece, Jamie O'Brien, is a pro as well and one hell of a surfer.  The big waves are coming and their timing could not have been better.  To see a sample of our shoot please click on:Vincent Laforet
Vincent Laforet  

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