Friday, September 19, 2008

BMW Advertisement - Summer 2008

The arts and entertainment magazine partnered with BMW Motors for a cross promotional web advertising campaign in five US cities for the launch of the new 1 Series Coupe.  I was commissioned to photograph the magic city of Miami, FL.  I was given complete freedom to communicate my impression of the Miami landscape...something that was totally liberating.  

My concept (without using photoshop) was to show how Miami has been engulfed within a major construction boom.  I've looked at the city as an ongoing development project for sometime... like a page from an urban planners notebook or a "living" scale model.  To visually convey this idea I utilized a series of architectural tilt-shift lenses and a shallow depth of field to create the "scale model" look I was going for.  

It was a terrific opportunity to look at the downtown area of Miami in a new light.  Both clients were both very pleased... always a good thing.

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